Tuesday, September 18, 2012

de Moment.

After a month of study marathon + two and a half weeks of finals, I can finally embrace and enjoy freedom tomorrow at 5.oopm sharp. Somehow, I just can't wait to hear the invigilator says: "Put your pens down, time's up." 6 killer papers and I'm left with one last paper. 

Even though it's tough but I'm trying to enjoy every bit of it. Nat always tweet that no pain, no gain. So since I'm in pain for more than a month, the gain is something that I anticipate. A lot. If miracles do happen, please let me pass my FMF paper. I never wanna get an 'F' in my entire university life. As' and Bs' will do, or maybe a few Cs'. 

It doesn't feel good to have to repeat the entire subject, stoning in the boring lecture hall, sitting for the similar midterm paper, submitting for the same set of assignments, and seeing the same lecturer's face ever again. I don't want that to happen so please, let me pass. *fingers-crossed**


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