Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Moving On

Am supposed to continue my post on Mark's wedding ceremony but oh well, since I'm kinda lazy to upload the photos and watermark them, I'll just continue on that probably next week? :D 

Sometimes, things turned out funny as I couldn't remember what I did in the morning and it was only like 12 hours ago. Can't believe that my memory capacity is getting lesser since I'm depending a lot on technology nowadays. Reminders? iPod. Notes? Phone. Lecture Notes? iPad. Assignments? Laptop. Movies and entertainment? Laptop. Can you see what I mean? Basically, it's (technology) around all of us, I dare say.

After three weeks of awesome semester break, here comes the killer weeks. Assignments, presentations, and midterms. I wonder if it's only Malaysia education system that is soooooo freaky pressuring. Or maybe Asian parents are the ones who love to pressure their kids anytime and at anywhere. 

One day, if I'm rich enough, I would wanna move and live on the outskirts of town. :D

One day, I will be.

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