Sunday, December 2, 2012

Believe It or Not

The usual thing I do when I wake up every morning is to reach for my phone and turn on my mobile data and start connecting myself with the world. As a 21st century human being, connecting with the world has become a necessity. So, as usual, I click on Facebook to see if there are any updates or notifications.

Usually, I'll just screen through my friends' status updates (as they are more or less the same). Today, something caught my eyes. A friend of mine posted an article of Doomsday. It is said that 21st December is gonna be the last day for all humans. After I read it, I kept quiet and started thinking. Does it mean that I've only 20 more days to live? Minus 12 days of exams and studying-for-exams, I'm left with only 8 days!

8 days for me to complete my list-of-things-to-do that consists of 21 items with that jakun. 8 days for me to say proper goodbye to each and every one of the family and friends that I loved. 8 days for me to spend some time for myself. It means that I won't be able to live and celebrate Christmas in Penang as well. Suddenly, time has become a limited factor that I'll have to run and rush and speed to keep track with it. Suddenly, I realized that time is not enough. And I've not lived past my 21st birthday. 

If, I mean if, 21st of December 2012 is Doomsday, at least we've enough time to say proper goodbyes.


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