Thursday, December 26, 2013

It's Christmas!

Again, it is my favourite season of the year. I think there will be no sane people who doesn't love Christmas when you can actually have the time to have dinner with people you love and not forgetting the must-have-gift-exchange! Midvalley was super crowded and shops were playing carols everywhere. It felt so Christmas-y. Spent the night having dinner at TGI Fridays and chillin' at Library after that. What can you ask for than to spend your favourite day with your favourite people in the entire universe? :) 

However, dinner at TGI was rather, dissatisfying. Apparently, TGI served only Christmas meals. The meals are rather small in portions and the dessert was pffftttttttt. As the pro dessert tester *wink**, I would say that having cheese wrapped like spring rolls doesn't make it any special. The only nice dessert is the muddy chocolate cake that was ermmm... so-so only. :( And guess what, the whole meal was overpriced. RM70 for a small portion of Christmas meal. We celebrate Christmas only once a year so I guess, I couldn't complain much right. 

Suk have never been to Library and since she insisted, we went there for countdown. 

The fairytale-ish Christmas deco in Midvalley. 

I have no idea why but our group photo can never be clear/decent. 

Joo, Ern and Jor at TGI before the lousy dessert arrived.

Me and Kitt. *look behind you** It's SALE! Up to 30% off at Banana Republic. Kay... I know this is lame. =__________=

Kitt and de bff. :)

The three lovely girls! :*

One of the my fav candid. Taken by de bff. 

Custom-made bracelet with my name on it and a mug with minion sitting in it. :)

And soooooo, the clock striked 12 and thank God there was no road blocks. Happy Christmas. :*

Sunday, December 22, 2013

The New Toy: PS4!

Somehow, I think God created Friday for a reason. He must have thought that after four days of horrible days at work (Monday till Thursday), we deserve some little treats. Now I truly understand the real meaning of TGIF. Surprises, gifts, parcels... everyone love them right. Two days ago when I was burying myself in work, I got a text from Mark saying that my new toy is here! And so, I was desperately waiting for 5.30pm so that I can get home and unbox this thing.

I like consoles since I was young. My very first console was PSP that is very much forgotten by now. When Sony announced that they are launching the new PS4, I couldn't wait to lay my hands on this console. Andddddddd... who says gaming is only for guys? :p

The new toy: PS4!

The design is unique with the PS4 logo etched at the corner of the console. Compared to PS3, the design is slimmer and most of all, the power and eject buttons are touch sensitive. :)

The complete set: camera, joystick, Need for Speed and Battlefield 4. 

The DualShock 4 controller. Apparently, the controller is a lot better than the DualShock 3 controller (like duh!). The L2 and R2 buttons have greater surface area and are more responsive compared to DualShock 3. The boldest feature of the DualShock 4 is the clickable and multi-touch touchpad. 

The new addition to the PS family. PS4 camera. The camera is a black rectangular cube with two visible camera lenses and multiple sensors. The camera works well in recognising users' faces and commands. However, this little accessory over here doesn't have much use. :( 

Me and my super early buy yet, super amazing Christmas gift!

Friday, December 20, 2013

Nak Won Korean Restaurant @ Danau Desa

It has been quite a while since I had dinner with the girls. When would be the most appropriate time than to have a dinner reunion during Christmas season (practically, I work with them everyday)? We decided to celebrate Christmas a little earlier and apparently all three of us were craving for Korean food! The first restaurant that came into my mind was Nak Won Korean Restaurant. We survived the jam and ran up to Nak Won with our amazing bullet train speed. 

I guessed we ordered wayyyyy too much because the waiter looked as us as if we had not eaten in years. The ambience is pretty good as the soft kpop music is playing in the background when you dine. The only thing that I dislike is that I will smell like bbq pork when I leave the place but this is a common issue among all bbq restaurants right. :)  

The yummeh side dishes! Dined here for quite a few times and I noticed that Nak Won changes their sides everyday. But still, nothing beats kimchi. 

One of the bbq dishes that you must not missed: bbq pork! Dip it into the sauce and it tastes simply heaven. 

Kimchi soup. It comes with a rice and steamed egg. It isn't too spicy or too sour and that is why I loved it. If you are not a big fan of kimchi, you can always go for their bean paste soup. :)

Korean rice cake served with vege and covered in sweet red chilli sauce. One of the best tteokbokki in town! *two thumbs up!*

My favourite of the night: marinated bbq chicken. The chicken is nicely marinated and the marinade doesn't prevent the meat from dying out. Instead, it protects the more delicate pieces while adding extra flavours.

Kimchi pancake. It is hard to believe that flour, water and kimchi can produce such a sublime pancake. The texture of the pancake is rather crispy at the sides and chewy in the middle.

Korean food craving fixed. Now, what's next? :)

Add for Nak Won Korean Restaurant:
7-1-1, Jalan 3/ 109F, 
Taman Danau Desa
Kuala Lumpur.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Perfect Thinking

How funny can it be when you are in the middle of the night, your brain juice started to flow profusely like vessels and your brain works perfectly clear. I was lying on the bed reading Buffy and I thought:

1) When you see a friend in the mall and he/she ignores you on purpose, do the same. I now it sounds mean but there is no reason to walk up and say some meaningless greetings.

2) Someone took your stuff and claim that it is his/hers. In mind I would be like "Wtf how can you be so immoral?!". In real, be quiet, leave that jackass alone. There is no point arguing with such idiots.

3) Your room is always the most comfy and the best hideout in the entire universe.

4) Lesser texts, fewer hangouts, shorter convos. You know what to do when this time comes.

5) Stop blaming the world when shit happens. Blame yourself. You are part of the universe too.

6) Sending people off at the airport is heartbroken but eventually, you will get used to it.

7) The early bird gets the early worm but the second mouse gets the cheese.

8) Don't expect everyone to think like you do.

9) It is never too late to realize that happily ever after only happens in wonderland and not reality.

10) According to Murphy's Law, your mobile will only ring when you are away from it.

11) I have to work at site tomorrow. Time to sleep.


Wednesday, December 11, 2013

PS4// Hokkaido Ichiba Ice Cream

Say heyyyllooo to my new toy! Not exactly the whole thing but 3/4 is here. If you have seen my Facebook/Instagram, you will know what I am talking about. MY NEW PS4 IS ON THE WAY (according to Sony online store)! My friends from work/uni will be telling me the same thing over and over again:"Harrrrrrr Trin, you game one ah?" or they will be telling me:"Trin, why your games so violent one?! I see blood everywhere." Yeah, this is pretty much their reactions when they see me sitting in a corner holding my Playstation. 

Battlefield 4, NFS and the dualshock 4 controller. It is hard to find a controller that suits you perfectly but personally, this controller looks mighty fine to me. Will definitely write a full detailed post on my new PS4 when the console arrives. This is probably one of the best Christmas present. :)

I think I should leave the rest for another post. Few days ago, I drove to KL and all the way back to MidValley after work (if you are wondering, I work at Northpoint) just to have dessert with Suk and the guys. We went to Hokkaido Ichiba at The Gardens. It was my first time having Hokkaido ice cream and the stunning flavours just blew me away. Let's get started, shall we?

10 scoops of ice cream! From left: white chocolate// chocolate// blueberry// caramel// lavender// vanilla// black sesame// matcha// honeymelon// niagara wine sherbet

The Niagara wine sherbet has a softer texture and when sherbet mixed with ice cream, the end product is dense and extremely flavourful. It is so far my favourite flavour from Ichiba. The matcha flavour is not bad either. It is sweet but in the same time, it has a strong matcha taste that is slightly bitter. Oh, did I mention that the plain old vanilla has a creamy and smooth texture that you can't resist. Yeah I know I am bragging on ice cream but seriously, all the flavours have their own unique tastes that are simply irresistable. 

Too much of good stuff/food in a week. x. 

Hokkaido Ichiba
Lot T-201, 3rd Floor,
The Garden Mall,
Mid Valley City,
Lingkaran Syed Putra,
59200 KL.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Coffee Societe Garage 51 @ Bandar Sunway

It has been quite some time since I have such a productive weekend. Recently, I have heard some reviews on Garage 51 and I thought that maybe I should give it a try. Ya know what is the funny part of this? Garage 51 is famous for its coffee but non of us ordered any of them. =__________= Garage 51's menu is much more simpler with only a few main choices. Apparently, the menus are different for weekdays and weekends.

The ambience is pretty cosy but since it was a Saturday so the place was a little crowded.  Up to day, I still can't believe that I walked into a coffee cafe without ordering any coffee. 

Ordered some snacks before the guys were here. Fries and chicken fingers w/ honey.

Garage breakfast with wild mushrooms, homemade hash potatoes, smoked salmon and egg with hollandaise. 

Similar to Garage breakfast but instead of salmon, it is served with chicken ham (specially for people who don't eat salmon like me!). Overall the food there is ohkay but personally, I think that the hash potatoes is a little dry.  

de overly energetic/hyper BFF. I have no idea how she can eat so much food in a day. A total of 4 meals!

Christmas deco at Sunway Pyramid. The deco is very fairytale-ish. :)

Archangel (from X-Men) has found himself a new sibling! But too bad this sibling has fake wings and can't fly. >_>

My favourite group photo. We look like a bunch of people posing for a Korean poster. 


Sunday, November 24, 2013

Lancome Mat Miracle 24 Hours

For the whole week, I have been a very hardworking minion who works extra time every day. Erm.... there is a reason behind it. Apparently, the more I work, the more pay I receive. So yeahhhhh. Now you know the story behind it.

Every since I started working, I have been wearing foundation more often than usual. I have to work for long hours and some foundations will wear off after some time, probably 4 hours but recently, Suk's mum bought me a new bottle of foundation and I fell for it after using it for a couple of times. So today, I will be writing more on this bottle of foundation: Lancome Mat Miracle 24 Hours

Lancome Mat Miracle 24 Hours is sebum resistence and shine control as well as heat and humidity proof. Usually, I will have to set my foundation with some loose powder so that my make up lasts longer but with Lancome Mat Miracle, I don't need to apply any loose powder. A layer of Lancome Mat Miracle is more than sufficient to last for the entire day, let's say 9 hours. Lancome Mat Miracle is suitable for all types of skins and most importantly, it is specially designed for Asian skin. 

Lancome Mat Miracle covers imperfections perfectly! My skin is less flawless but Lancome Mat Miracle covers almost 90% of my scars, spots and sometimes even dark circles. Everytime I choose my foundation, I would make sure they leave no side effects. For example, breakouts or irritations. Haha. I have been praising Lancome Mat Miracle like nobody's business. I'm not bias towards Lancome products kay but this bottle of Mat Miracle suits me perfectly. :)

Don't you like the bottle? :)

And it is a pump bottle! Much more easier to use.

The outcome. Me with my Lancome Mat Miracle.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Ender's Game Movie Premier

I was supposed to blog about this last week but due to my super busy working schedule... ohkay. It wasn't about the work. It is simply because my lazy veins have decided to say hello to everybody. >______> 

So last Wednesday, Mark had free tickets to the premier of Ender's Game and lucky for me, it was at Midvalley as well. When Mei told me about this over the phone, I was so noob that I asked her:"Huh? Endless Game? Cartoon ah?" I went into the cinema not knowing anything about the film (not even the storyline). All I know is that Harrison Ford is one of the casts. 

Introducing... Ender's Game! Personally, this movie is great but somehow, it is kinda sadistic. The reason is because human race was nearly annihilated by an alien race who known themselves as Formecs. Formecs is a type of alien that looks similar to ant. The main character, Asa Butterfield (Ender Wiggin) is one of world's most intelligent kid. As a result, Harrison Ford (Colonel Graff) taught him strategies on how to destroy the Formecs. Yeah, he is teaching a young kid how to wipe out the entire Formecs. Sadistric right? 

*fast forward** I bet you don't want me to spoil the fun and tell you the whole storyline. Ender is way too intelligent and as a result, he did something that non of the humans would have think of. He destroyed the entire Formec planet. The big round planet. GONE. Of course, it was unintentionally and for the details, people, visit your nearest cinema. This movie is seriously worth watching. :)

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

An Hour to Live, An Hour to Love

Ever since I work, public holiday has been the thing that I look forward to. Every single time. I know, you would probably think that I am a lazy worker but I'm not kay. :p So today, I dragged dad to MPH warehouse sale with me. 

And I bought this.

If you have an hour to live and an hour to love, who would you call? If God grant you an hour before he takes you away, what would you do when the clock started ticking? When we were young, everything in life seems to be so important. Money, fame, etc but love and compassion are never in the list. 

Take a break and ask yourself. Who would you call? We all have a list of friends over Facebook, Twitter or Instagram but I bet when it comes to the final hour, non or maybe there is one or two of them will make it to the final list. :)

From the book:-

Tomorrow Never Comes

If I knew it would be the last time that I'd see you fall asleep,
I would tuck you in more tightly, and pray the Lord your soul to keep. 
If I knew it would be the last time that I'd see you walk out the door, 
I would give you a hug and kiss, and call you back for just one more. 
If I knew it would be the last time I'd hear your voice lifted up in praise, 
I would tape each word and action, and play them back throughout my days.
If I knew it would be the last time, I would spare an extra minute or two,
To stop and say "I love you," instead of assuming you know I do. 

So just in case tomorrow never comes, and today is all I get, 
I'd like to say how much I love you, and I hope we never will forget.
Tomorrow is not promised to anyone, young or old alike, 
And today may be the last chance you get to hold your loved one tight.

So if you're waiting for tomorrow, why not do it today?
For if tomorrow never comes, you'll surely regret the day
That you didn't take that extra time for a smile, a hug, or a kiss,
And you were too busy to grant someone, what turned out to be their one last wish. 

So hold your loved ones close today, and whisper in their ear,
That you love them very much, and you'll always hold them dear.
Take time to say "I'm sorry," "Please forgive me," "thank you" or "it's okay."
And if tomorrow never comes, you'll have no regrets about today.

Norma Cornett Marek

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Friday with Eiffel 'n Amitie

This is me at work! On a Friday morning. Puffy eyes! I have no idea why but every morning when I go for work, the collegues will be asking me if I stole chickens during the night. =_____________= But things can never go wrong on Friday right. Oh, did I mention that my workplace is at a cozy corner blocked by the super high partition but I'm lovin' it. I can do all sorts of lame stuff and no one will notice. ;p 


Ohkayyyyy. Back to what I am supposed to blog today. Previously, I might have briefly promoted Sky's new blogshop. Eiffel 'n Amitie. Anyone of you remember that? Eiffel 'n Amitie sells handcrafted accessories and it is undeniable that Sky is extremely talanted in making stuff like these. Vintage bracelets and charms. So few days ago, I gave her a few tips on how to take nice pictures that attract people's attention. Look at the pictures below and tell me what you think. :)

The Shades of Yellow. We took it at Manhattan Fish Market.

The Bracelet of Wisdom. 

The Raspberry Bracelet. It reminds me of some kind of healthy vitamin A or B (my bio knowledge is somewhere over the rainbow).

Here are the official links for her blogshop: 
* Instagram: eiffelnamitie

 The accessories are all in affordable price range and they ship internationally too! So, don't forget to check them out kay! :)

Sunday, October 27, 2013


Sometimes, it is like a wake up call. The only thing that is constant is change and this is why we always say: constantly changing. Everyday at work, I see people fight, getting back together, fight again, getting back together again and the same old boring routine repeats itself. What's more, they fight over petty things.

I have a friend who fights with de boyfriend every few days and when you talk to her about it, her dull generic answer will be:"He will get back to me eventually." Can't you see? This shows us how ignorant we are. And when things fall apart, they blame on everything and everyone but themselves.

Growing together or apart. Two simple words with the most distictly different meanings.


Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Shop Now @ Dazzling Couture

While searching for a new shopping site, I found this: Dazzling Couture. Dazzling Couture is an online shop that sells accessories and pre-order premium designer clothes. I have always believed that fashion doesn't mean burning a hole in your pocket. Everything in Dazzling Couture is so nice and I wish that I can buy the whole shop home. 

As an intern, I can't dip dye my hair. Have to jaga image larh right. So what I did was I bought a party colour extension - fuchsia colour. It is something like highlighted pink but fuchsia is brighter and much more visible. The extension is a clipped-on so what you have to do is to clip it on top of your head and cover it with some of the real hair and taaddddaaaaaa! You are good to go. :)

Most of all, the extension matches with most of my ootd. Red jacket, black tee, white cardigan, etc. Will definitely buy more accessories from them after I get my pay *counting down: 5 days!**

You can check out their official website: or their Facebook (click!) page for their most recent updates and giveaways! :)

Lovin' my new fuchsia extension. :D

Friday, October 18, 2013

Ficelle Boulangerie Patisserie @ Taman Danau Desa

TGIF! Time passes like a bullet train seriously. Last Friday, I was so sick that I had to drag myself to work. This Friday, I was so tired that I was dragging myself to work as well. Wtf. >_> When I was stuck in the jam this morning, I craved for Italian food and so I whatsapp-ed the bff and asked her to dinner with me despite her busy schedule. 

Suk brought me to this new place called Ficelle Boulangerie Patisserie. It is a cozy cafe that serves Western cuisine and of course, pastries. The only thing that I dislike about this place is that there is no separation between the smoking and non smoking areas. We were walking in circles in the cafe as we have no idea what to order. =____________= In the end, we ordered the 4 cheese pizza.

Ficelle. The place is cozy and looks kinda vintage as well. If you wish to have quiet meals, this place is highly recommended.

Some of the pastries. 

Our super large 4 cheese pizza! The price for such a large pizza is only RM16.80. The crust is thin and crispy. Most of all, it layers richness on top of richness: gooey cheese coating the pizza completely. 

The happy bff and our super large pizza. 

Cheese flakes! Nom. Each bite feels like heaven. 

Finally, a decent meal after a long day at work. Dinner with the bff is always the best thing on Earth. ♥ Overall, the pizza was great and will definitely be back for other menus. Their kaarage burger looks nice. Maybe I will try next time. :) 

Add for Ficelle Boulangerie Patisserie:
11-0-12, Jln 3/109 F, 
Danau Business Centre, 
Taman Danau Desa,
53300 KL.

Tel: +60 3-7983 0211

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