Tuesday, April 23, 2013


As I was bored doing my past years questions, I logged onto Facebook and came across an article on how a mother sacrificed her life in order to save her teenage girl. At all times, life can be so fragile that once you missed the chance to tell your loved ones how much you loved them or how much they all matter to you, you might never get a second chance. Under many circumstances, we always think that it's okay even if we miss it today, as we still have tomorrow. What we have neglected is that, what if tomorrow never comes.

The story begins when this girl and her mum were jungle trekking/jogging at a very quite route. Out of sudden, two snatch thieves came from behind. The girl's mum pushed her out of the way just to save her daughter's life but unfortunately, one of the snatch thief attacked her and she died while on the way to the hospital. As for this little girl, her life would never be the same anymore. As time passes, she and her family will be able to recover from this trauma but her life will be different. Somehow, even if her family managed to collect the broken pieces, the memory of her watching her mum died right in front of her will never fade.

I wonder what has the world become. Instead of bringing out the good nature of human beings, people are acting without thinking of the consequences. They think only from the perspective of their benefits and as long as the circumstances favour them, the rest just doesn't matter. I guessed that's the ugly side of human nature. 

You wouldn't know what happens next and when your loved ones will leave you forever, so tell them that you love them. 


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