Sunday, April 7, 2013

Heart and Mind

This is why people always ask themselves with the same question "follow the heart or the mind?" as heart and mind speak different language and communicate in different frequencies. The heart may say yes but the mind says no or vice versa.

Sometimes, I think this is why people are so fickle minded and undecided of what they want. Regret is always the first consequence that came to our minds whenever we commit wrongly. Then, we will start off with "if I know, I would have...". This happens all the time right. We always assure ourselves that we will learn from previous mistakes but the fact is, do we really learn? 

In the end, we will still be asking "follow the heart or the mind?" and if something goes wrong, we will be "if I know, I would have...". It's like a circle without an end. 

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