Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Lawson, Chapman Square

Few weeks back, I entered into a contest held by and the prize of the contest is a Lawson Chapman Square album. Redbox was giving away Lawson albums as they were coming for showcase at Stage Club, Avenue K. I wasn't a big fan of Lawson. All I know is that they are a British band and this is their first album.  To be honest, I didn't even hear of them or their songs until Nat intro-ed them to me few days before the contest. At first, I entered to see if I can stand a chance to win the deluxe version as Nat wanted to see them badly. The results announced few days later but I wasn't in the winning list.

Some time later, as I was rushing for assignments in the computer lab, I got a call from a private number. I held my phone and hesitated for 5 seconds thinking of whether I should pick it up as I don't usually pick up calls from unknown/private numbers. Guess what, it was a call from Redbox telling me that I've won the CD!

Surprisingly, the songs are not bad and these guys can sing. Maybe it's time for me to ditch Westlife and listen to something different. :)

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