Sunday, April 14, 2013

Spring Wind


Again, it's supposed to be the favourite day of the week. The day where I can sleep all I want, wake up and have a nice breakfast with the family and lying on the couch playing with my gadgets and chilling for the entire day. Oh well, it sounds lazy right. That's why it's called the lazy Sunday. 

The bad part is, finals has deprived my Sunday. So instead of having the sunshine-American-style-breakfast Sunday, what I get is the gloomy-wake-up-study kind of Sunday. And now I'm left with only 11 days to do my revision for 4 subjects where the papers for all the subjects are back-to-back. I wonder how am I gonna survive all these killer papers. 

It's only 11 days + 7 days of exam = 18 days till freedom. At least there's something that I can look forward to. :) 

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