Friday, April 5, 2013

The Lucky One

I've entered into numerous contests and not winning any of them. See, this shows that I'm always not the lucky one. I've tried to win LeeHom's concert tics but failed. Cash rewards from crossword puzzles but failed. Can you see my rate of winning? It's somehow near zero.

Few weeks ago, Mark asked me to join this contest and try to win him a Volkswagen cap. All I need to do is to type out the turbocharged technology sentence as fast as I can. So, i tried a few times and managed to get an average score of 12 seconds (that's pretty fast right). And when the results released, it's hard to believe. I've won a Volkswagen merchandise! 

The contest is still open as there are 100 contests in total (I think). For those who are interested, you can visit for other Volkswagen merchandises like diaries, umbrellas and caps. It's not much but at least, it's an official merchandise. :D

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