Monday, April 8, 2013

The Only Exception

My Sister's Keeper is a movie tie-in. The book is written by Jodi Picoult. Even though I bought this movie long ago but I hardly have time to watch it. Since yesterday was a Sunday and I had a bit of spare time, so I thought that I might give it a try. 

If you've read the book, you would have know that the mother wanted the youngest sister, Anna to donate one of her kidneys to her elder sister, Kate. Anna didn't want to and claimed a lawsuit against her parents for the rights of her own body. However, the ending is a major blow. It's so different from the book that I guessed no one would have expected that. 

The movie is so heart-warming and I've been tearing the whole time, not to mention that this movie has awesome soundtracks too. Now, I'm wondering: If I've a sister, will I be willing to donate one of my kidneys to her? 

Would you?

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