Thursday, May 16, 2013

de Thursday.

In one week alone, I've visited 4 malls. So today, I went to Midvalley for the third time for this week to meet up with the long-lost-and-disappeared friends from my foundation year. It is funny when everyone plans for outing, the first place that comes to their minds will be Midvalley instead of other malls like Pavilion or One Utama. Anyhow, it was a great catching up session with them before my busy sem starts next week.


As I went home, the first thing I saw was there was a parcel lying on my study desk and immediately, I knew what was it. The Captain America's shield battery case replacement that I've ordered from ebay was finally here. To me, it's a must for my phone to wear its clothes. Initially, I planned to get an aztec tribal case for my phone as it is in trend now. Somehow, Marvel has cooler designs and for a cheap price, the quality for this case is surprisingly good. :)


And now, it's time for the season finale. 

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