Sunday, June 9, 2013

Asian Water Sports Village @ Puchong

Yesterday I had an ACCA Conference. Instead of giving a talk on ACCA, the speaker spoke about job opportunities and other matters that were unrelated to ACCA such as communications/interactions and life experiences. The talk was 2 hours long and it was mostly boring. However, towards the end, the speaker gave an inspired life lesson. 

There was this little girl and her dad at the beach. However,  the starfish were washed up on shore. The truth about starfish is that once they're washed up, they will die. There were thousands of starfish washed up at that time and this girl did what she can do. She threw as many starfish as she can back to the sea. So, her dad told her not to waste her effort as starfish would die eventually. The girl told her dad:"It doesn't matter to me, but to the starfish, it meant a lot."

With 'em. :)


Water sports were part of the ACCA Conference and so we went to Asian Water Sports Village at Puchong. The place was founded and operated by a group of water sports enthusiasts and professionals. Apparently, this place is the only licensed water sports center in Klang Valley. The only transportation to get over to the lake is via jet ski. 

And good for us, the weather was kinda cloudy yesterday. The lake was quite clean I dare say. We had insufficient time to try out all the activities so we only played the banana boat, evo pro 3 and turbo blast. I watched too many piranha movies so half of the time, I was thinking what if there were piranhas in the lake. There are life jackets for all the visitors so it will not be a big deal even if you can't swim.

I'm not a big fan of water sports but I tried the Evo Pro 3. Basically, you would have to hold on to a float and the jet ski will drag you around the lake at a very high speed. 

I'm not an outdoor person and I looked so tan after playing in the lake for the whole noon but this place is worth going because the sunset was awesome. I usually edit my pictures before uploading them but the sunset pictures need no editing. They're simply the art of nature. :)

This place is not bad for small gatherings or if you simply wanna get out of town and chillax. To check out their water sports packages or other activities, you can visit their official website at

Add for Asian Water Sports Village:
Jalan Tpt 1, 
Taman Puchong Tekali, 
47150 Puchong, Selangor.

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