Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Tuesday Night Out!

About a week ago, Nuffnang sent me an email saying that I've won two tickets to watch the 3D Premier of World War Z at GSC Tropicana City Mall yesterday (Tuesday). The official screening is on the 20th June. And so, credits to Nuffnang, I get to watch World War Z. :)

Basically, the movie is about how humans are infected by a virus that could turn them into zombies within 10 seconds once they have been bitten and Gerry (Brad Pitt) who flies from South Korea to Israel to search for the first patient who was infected and the cure for this virus. The setting is kinda dark and creepy at times and I had a few mini heart attacks as those zombies appeared out of nowhere or when the humans are about to be bitten by zombies.

 Personally, I think the movie was not bad, it was quite good actually. The storyline is nice.

 The thing that I like about premiers is that their movie tickets are always nicer than the usual white square tickets. Like duh. >_>

Coffee before movie. :) Walked around the mall for quite some time but couldn't find Starbucks so ended up at Coffee Bean. The usuals: blueberry muffin, caramel macchiato and cappuccino.   


Badges from Nuffnang. Personally, I think the blue one looks cuter. Lol.

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