Friday, July 5, 2013

de 21st @ Three Little Pigs & The Big Bad Wolf

Heyyylllooo July! July and December are always my favourite months of the year simply because July is my birthday month and December is the final month of the year. So two days back aka my birthday, I was sitting in the lecture hall (wasn't listening to the lecture AT ALL) and kept counting the time because I was craving for pork burger and couldn't wait to lunch at Three Little Pigs & The Big Bad Wolf.

We had a hard time finding it as the GPS wasn't really accurate and some of the roads were under construction. As I stepped into the restaurant, I stunned for about 5 seconds, maybe? I thought it was just a quiet lunch but everyone was there and it was so nice of them to plan a surprise lunch for me. :) Usually, I'm the one who plans all the surprises so yeah.

The menu. It should be three little skinny pigs. Personally, I think the pigs look more like mice. ;p

Part of the Three Little Pigs story. The phone camera isn't wide enough. :/

The Mighty Piggy Burger. The portion is large and the patty is juicy. Not to mention the egg is half boiled and it blends perfectly well with the pork patty.

Everyone with their food.... and tea! 

Some of the decorations on the wall. It gives me a sense of vintage feel. Don't you feel that too?

And... look at this! His name is Oswald the Ninja Noob. Oh well, instead of a noob, he looks more like a badass with that magician hat. 

Appetiser, main course and the next stop - dessert is a must. So all of us ended up at MidValley again to have our dessert/tea break at Plan B that is located opposite Esprit. And guess what, it was my fourth time to MV within these two weeks. 

I have no idea why but they look like three minions!

Time for some Plan B! :D

My rainbow birthday cake. Suk said the cake has a name: dreams come true. :) 

I'm a big fan of muddy chocolate cakes and this B Chocolate Cake is a must try!

Presents from everyone. Oswald, Charles and Keith wallet, Forever 21 white dress, key pendant, mini piggy banks and chocolates. <3


Add for Three Little Pigs & The Big Bad Wolf:
Ground Floor, 
Bangsar Village 1, 
59100 Kuala Lumpur, 

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