Monday, July 29, 2013


Ahhhhooooyyyyy! How do you like my studded headband? It is from Luccacal. Luccacal is an online accessories store that sells a variety of trendy accessories ranging from necklaces to headbands, bracelets and etc. Besides that, the prices are reasonable for such a good quality spiky headband (no joke, the spikes are really sharp! You can just bang someone and I bet that person will bleed profusely!). Check out their official Luccacal page or their Facebook page for more updates on their monthly new arrivals. :)  

So for the final week of July, I...
:: finished 8 seasons of How I Met Your Mother in only 4 months!
:: survived 3 midterms back-to-back.
:: handed in 3 assignments. (again, the last minute work)
:: planned a super early surprised birthday party for John and succeeded! (even though everyone was thrown into the pool)
:: bought both skater and bodycon pencil skirts on eBay. (the shopaholic is back in action after weeks months of hiatus)
:: learnt how to make caffe vanilla. (and surprisingly it's very simple)
:: breakfast with Mark before he leaves to Brisbane. 

And there goes July aka the favourite month of the year. So August, treat me well kay? :)

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