Wednesday, August 28, 2013

de Tuesday

Monday was blue, Tuesday was good and Wednesday can never be better. I just realized that I had so much debt to repay. So many birthday/farewell celebrations and I guessed I spent quite a lot this month.  It is time for me to find a side income job before my bank account shows me negative figures. T_T 

On the other hand, my open sleeve chiffon shirt is finally here! :)  I first saw it at Frumoste on Insta but black was out of stock. Frumoste is one of my bookmarked online boutique store because it sells trendy clothes and stylish accessories. You can also follow them on Instagram for more daily updates. I was lucky enough to find the same shirt on eBay but because it is a free shipping item, it takes longer to ship to Malaysia. I have always liked chiffon shirts because the weather in KL is very humid and hot. On the plus side, I guess it will match well with my red skater skirt but as my skater skirt is still somewhere above the sky (on the way too! I hope), I matched it with my denim leggings. 

It was dad's birthday yesterday, me and Mark brought him to the Library. It has been quite a while since I last went there and because birthday dinners are too mainstream, we thought of going to happy hour. This time, we tried the K1664 Lager. Personally, I think it tasted slightly bitter and I would probably stick back to Hoegaarden next time.

de awesome dad and his first time at the Library. Happy birthday daddy! <3

With the jakun brother. :)

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