Friday, August 9, 2013

KLIA: John's Farewell Flight

Airport never made it to my list of favourite places. I hate sending people off and thinking that I would have to wait for a very long time before I can see them again. Like duh, anyone in his right mind would not want to be in the hall, bid their farewells and send their family/friend to the departure gate. Oh well, I guess everything has an exception. 

I have no idea why but the ride to KLIA was pretty different this time. Probably because I watched too much of Triumph In The Skies 2 (Jayden Cool ftw!). So, Khai drove us to KLIA to surprise John and he sped up to 180km/h and it was indeed, an awesome ride! With Khai's awesome speeding skills, an hour ride to KLIA had shorten to only 40 minutes. While waiting for John, we walked down a quiet corridor and along the corridor, you can look down and see people passing through the scanners. At the end of the corridor is a huge place for people to look at planes and runways and as a matter of fact, the view is pleasant.

All this while, I thought that sending people off is a sad thing and that is why I will avoid going to the airport if I can but this time, I got it wrong. It can be happy too. :)

de OOTD:
Bunny headband/ Studded bag/ Blue knitwear/ Red pants/ Red high platform flip flops

John and Suk <3


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