Tuesday, September 17, 2013

My Lucky Star

Peakkkabbboooooo. Finals is hell but let's just skip that boring/torturing part. *fast forward**

As a Homaniac, I have been stalking keeping track of Leehom's whereabouts by checking his Weibo daily. Yeah, you must be thinking that I'm some kind of crazy fangirl but trust me, I'm hardcore but not that crazy. 

Just so you know, LeeHom's new movie The Lucky Star is screening next this week on the 19th Sept at all cinemas. LeeHom acts alongside Zhang Ziyi, a famous Chinese actress. The movie contains elements of mistaken identity and an international crime caper. Basically, it's a comedy-romance film so we can just sit back and have a good laugh or you can choose to stare at Leehom's pretty face for two hours. :)

Here is the official trailer. I had to concentrate hard while watching it without sub because oh well, my chinese ain't that good. 

Btw, if you are a fan of soundtracks, you will have to listen to this song 爱一点 (Love A Little). When I first heard it on YouTube, I liked it instantly. No doubt, it is a great song! I'm not being biased but this song is seriously awesome. The lyrics are easy to understand, the music is great and overall, this piece is amazing. :) 

So, remember to mark your calendar and watch it! :)

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