Friday, September 6, 2013

Speak Out Your Social Media Minds

Wake up. Breakfast. Study. Lunch. Study. Dinner. Study. Triumph In The Skies II. Study. Sleep. This routine is gonna last for another 14 days. Pffttttttttt. I wonder if there is anyone on Earth who like finals. Ermmm... like he/she love finals to the extend that he/she is willing to study day and night unreluctantly simply because they love to study. Don't get me wrong. I love books too but not academic books. 

So, I came to realize that I tend to refresh my social networking sites more often during study breaks. Yeah, so not productive rite. :O Enough of all the rants against finals. Again, Nuffnang is back with its largest social network survey called the Nom Nom Media’s Social Media Minds 2.0 survey

Personally, I think there is an advantage for us to understand our social networking sites better since we are the one using them for almost 24/7. As for the top 1000 Nuffnangers and Chupers who completed this survey, they will be getting RM1 credited to their respective accounts. Yeah it is not much but we are not doing this solely for that RM1 rite. 

Apparently, everyone is welcomed to participate in this survey as a gesture to help improve the community's understanding about the user's daily usage on social networking sites. :) 

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