Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Shop Now @ Dazzling Couture

While searching for a new shopping site, I found this: Dazzling Couture. Dazzling Couture is an online shop that sells accessories and pre-order premium designer clothes. I have always believed that fashion doesn't mean burning a hole in your pocket. Everything in Dazzling Couture is so nice and I wish that I can buy the whole shop home. 

As an intern, I can't dip dye my hair. Have to jaga image larh right. So what I did was I bought a party colour extension - fuchsia colour. It is something like highlighted pink but fuchsia is brighter and much more visible. The extension is a clipped-on so what you have to do is to clip it on top of your head and cover it with some of the real hair and taaddddaaaaaa! You are good to go. :)

Most of all, the extension matches with most of my ootd. Red jacket, black tee, white cardigan, etc. Will definitely buy more accessories from them after I get my pay *counting down: 5 days!**

You can check out their official website: http://www.dazzlingcouture.com or their Facebook (click!) page for their most recent updates and giveaways! :)

Lovin' my new fuchsia extension. :D

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