Sunday, October 13, 2013

Why Ciba Vision?

Contact lenses are so common nowadays. Contact lenses are worn right on the eyes and gave us better visions. I believed that most people are like me, wearing contact lenses just because there are no obstructions or reflections. The problem is how to choose a right pair of lens? It is important to choose a right pair of lens because our eyes are the most sensitive organs. I change my contacts every month and I am very brand conscious when it comes to contacts.

Just so you know, I have tried a few pairs of contact lenses before I settled down for this: Ciba Vision O2 Optix. Ciba Vision O2 Optix is indeed the leader of contacts. I started wearing them for about three quarters of the year. Before this, I wore Bausch & Lomb for almost a year. It took me quite a while to find out that the contacts were not suitable for me because my eyes were pretty dry and I would need to apply eyemo almost every day.

Surprisingly, the price of a box of O2 Optix is affordable. Retailer's price is about RM60 per box and I usually require two boxes cause of different eyesights. There are six pieces of lenses in each box. So I spent an average of RM20 per month on contacts. I tried my first pair and I felt great. My eyes were no longer dry and most importantly, I can wear it for long hours without feeling tired (I work on my laptop for almost 8 hours a day). :)

For more information, you can log on to Ciba Vision's official WEBSITE for their products and guidelines on lens cleaning and care.

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