Saturday, November 2, 2013

Friday with Eiffel 'n Amitie

This is me at work! On a Friday morning. Puffy eyes! I have no idea why but every morning when I go for work, the collegues will be asking me if I stole chickens during the night. =_____________= But things can never go wrong on Friday right. Oh, did I mention that my workplace is at a cozy corner blocked by the super high partition but I'm lovin' it. I can do all sorts of lame stuff and no one will notice. ;p 


Ohkayyyyy. Back to what I am supposed to blog today. Previously, I might have briefly promoted Sky's new blogshop. Eiffel 'n Amitie. Anyone of you remember that? Eiffel 'n Amitie sells handcrafted accessories and it is undeniable that Sky is extremely talanted in making stuff like these. Vintage bracelets and charms. So few days ago, I gave her a few tips on how to take nice pictures that attract people's attention. Look at the pictures below and tell me what you think. :)

The Shades of Yellow. We took it at Manhattan Fish Market.

The Bracelet of Wisdom. 

The Raspberry Bracelet. It reminds me of some kind of healthy vitamin A or B (my bio knowledge is somewhere over the rainbow).

Here are the official links for her blogshop: 
* Instagram: eiffelnamitie

 The accessories are all in affordable price range and they ship internationally too! So, don't forget to check them out kay! :)

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