Sunday, November 24, 2013

Lancome Mat Miracle 24 Hours

For the whole week, I have been a very hardworking minion who works extra time every day. Erm.... there is a reason behind it. Apparently, the more I work, the more pay I receive. So yeahhhhh. Now you know the story behind it.

Every since I started working, I have been wearing foundation more often than usual. I have to work for long hours and some foundations will wear off after some time, probably 4 hours but recently, Suk's mum bought me a new bottle of foundation and I fell for it after using it for a couple of times. So today, I will be writing more on this bottle of foundation: Lancome Mat Miracle 24 Hours

Lancome Mat Miracle 24 Hours is sebum resistence and shine control as well as heat and humidity proof. Usually, I will have to set my foundation with some loose powder so that my make up lasts longer but with Lancome Mat Miracle, I don't need to apply any loose powder. A layer of Lancome Mat Miracle is more than sufficient to last for the entire day, let's say 9 hours. Lancome Mat Miracle is suitable for all types of skins and most importantly, it is specially designed for Asian skin. 

Lancome Mat Miracle covers imperfections perfectly! My skin is less flawless but Lancome Mat Miracle covers almost 90% of my scars, spots and sometimes even dark circles. Everytime I choose my foundation, I would make sure they leave no side effects. For example, breakouts or irritations. Haha. I have been praising Lancome Mat Miracle like nobody's business. I'm not bias towards Lancome products kay but this bottle of Mat Miracle suits me perfectly. :)

Don't you like the bottle? :)

And it is a pump bottle! Much more easier to use.

The outcome. Me with my Lancome Mat Miracle.

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