Thursday, December 26, 2013

It's Christmas!

Again, it is my favourite season of the year. I think there will be no sane people who doesn't love Christmas when you can actually have the time to have dinner with people you love and not forgetting the must-have-gift-exchange! Midvalley was super crowded and shops were playing carols everywhere. It felt so Christmas-y. Spent the night having dinner at TGI Fridays and chillin' at Library after that. What can you ask for than to spend your favourite day with your favourite people in the entire universe? :) 

However, dinner at TGI was rather, dissatisfying. Apparently, TGI served only Christmas meals. The meals are rather small in portions and the dessert was pffftttttttt. As the pro dessert tester *wink**, I would say that having cheese wrapped like spring rolls doesn't make it any special. The only nice dessert is the muddy chocolate cake that was ermmm... so-so only. :( And guess what, the whole meal was overpriced. RM70 for a small portion of Christmas meal. We celebrate Christmas only once a year so I guess, I couldn't complain much right. 

Suk have never been to Library and since she insisted, we went there for countdown. 

The fairytale-ish Christmas deco in Midvalley. 

I have no idea why but our group photo can never be clear/decent. 

Joo, Ern and Jor at TGI before the lousy dessert arrived.

Me and Kitt. *look behind you** It's SALE! Up to 30% off at Banana Republic. Kay... I know this is lame. =__________=

Kitt and de bff. :)

The three lovely girls! :*

One of the my fav candid. Taken by de bff. 

Custom-made bracelet with my name on it and a mug with minion sitting in it. :)

And soooooo, the clock striked 12 and thank God there was no road blocks. Happy Christmas. :*

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