Thursday, January 23, 2014

Chili's With The Favourite People

Dinner with the ty4 is one of the things that I am always looking forward to. It is not easy to have a complete-sort-of-gathering (14 humans!) but since 9 of us showed up so I guessed it is not too bad eh? :) 

Malaysians like me are too punctual dy. *winks** I had been flipping and staring at the menu for dozens of times while waiting for Beh and JC. 

The all time favourite nacho's with fajita chicken! Definitely one of the best appertiser from Chili's.

Country fried chicken! The portion is wayyyyy to big and I doubt that any normal human beings can finish this plate of main course in one go. The chicken is covered with mushroom gravy and seriously, this is one of the best mashed potatoes I have eaten. 

What is there not to love? Catching up session with the favourite people again. :) 

Guessed my week is not that bad after all. Just came back from Langkawi and I have tonnes of work piling up again. It feels good to be busy and forget that reality is starting to kick in after mid February. Stupid allergy, get off me and give me back my pretty legs. Urgh. I wonder which bug was the evil one that stung me. :(

It's TGIF tomorrow! 

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