Friday, January 31, 2014

Ichiban Boshi@Pavilion, KL

As a Chinese, reunion dinner is the time for everyone to sit together, have a decent meal and catching up. Ever since I work, I hardly have time to dine with de family (all thanks to KL's massive jam). So for this year's reunion, mum asked me and Mark to pick a place that we both like. We made a few calls to TGI Friday's, Hokkaido Ichiba, The Ship... but these places are either fully booked or closed during the Eve. In the end, Xueni suggested to me that I should try Ichiban Boshi because she knows that I am a Japanese food lover.

Ichiban Boshi is one of Singapore's leading sushi belt restaurants established since 1988. Usually, I have the perception that Japanese restaurants in Pavilion must be expensive because of the high-end location but when I looked at the menu, I was pretty surprised that the prices are quite similar to Sushi Zanmai and Hokkaido Ichiba, Gardens. The place is located at the 1st floor, next to Tony Roma's. 

The appertiser: tuna salad. *two thumbs up!* The dressing is very Japanese and I loved it. 

Shashimi Mori Hama: assorted raw fish. The fresh raw fish are thinly sliced and they mixed perfectly well with the dipping sauce of soy sauce and wasabi. 

The main course of my premium meal: Tori Maru Cheese Gozen. The chicken and assorted mushrooms are topped with cheese that gives them a cheesy and salty kinda taste. If you are a cheese lover like me, this is a must try. :) The premium meal comes with chawanmushi, misu soup, rice, appertiser and fruits. My camera wasn't wide enough to capture the set. :(

Unagi Kabayaki. The sweet and salty sauce blends perfectly well with the unagi. I am not a big fan of unagi but this dish is one of my favourites. Unagi Kabayaki and a bowl of rice, simply heaven.

Nothing beats a perfect cup of coffee. If a caffeine rehab exists in KL, I guessed  I would be in their wanted list. Ended the Eve with a cuppa Dome's Vienna.


I am so lazy to write another post so I will squeeze everything into one post. On Wednesday, I spent the whole evening making these chocolate cornflakes! Mark says that I can open a shop and start selling them. 

Oh well, it is not everyday you get compliments from the fussy brother eh. :)

Me and the happy looking (I assume) chocolate cornflakes. 

It is nin chor yat! I just saw fireworks and firecrackers everywhere while on my way home. Happeh Chinese New Year folks! 

Add for Ichiba Boshi:
Pavilion Shopping Centre
Lot 1.14, Level 1, 168, 
Jalan Bukit Bintang, 
Kuala Lumpur.

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