Saturday, February 15, 2014

Valentine's with Libresse Shine On

Yesterday was the last day of CNY/Chap Goh Mei/Valentine's. So many events in a day! So apparently, I wasn't feeling well and took half day off from work and drove to Suk's place to have a nap so that I won't be looking like a sick and unenergetic human for the interview in the evening. Just so you know, I submitted an application on behalf of Eiffel 'n Amitie as to be featured on Libresse Shine On and few months later, I have got a reply and yesshhhh! We were the lucky girls to be chosen for the interview!

Ohkay, let me write a brief paragraph on what Libresse Shine On is all about. Libresse Shine On is a platform that encourages women entrepreneurs to tell their amazing stories on how they brought their business to life and inspire other comfort zone women to stand out and chase their dreams as well. Personally, I think this is meaningful as people always think that they are too old to chase their dreams or they don't have extra time. Libresse Shine On proves you wrong. You are never too old for anything as long as you are willing to step out in faith. You can check out some of their inspiring stories here (click!).

So instead of the usual dull Valentine's, we have something better to look forward to. We went there early to get ourselves prepared and finally at 6pm, we met the two great people from McCann Erickson Malaysia. One of them is the interviewer Zoe while the other one is Chloe, the writer. Zoe has a bubbly personality and she is pretty easygoing. On the other hand, Chloe is softspoken but she has great listening skills and very patient as well. :)

Mint chocolate ice cream in progress.

Tadaaaaaa! OMG liquid nitrogen mint chocolate ice cream. :D 

Me: Babe, the liquid nitrogen ice cream is melting! 

Suk: Errrr duh. It is still ice cream.

My jakun-ness never dies. I always have the perception that liquid nitrogen is some high tech ice cream that doesn't melt. *facepalm**

de happy BFF. 8 years and still counting. 


While on our way to Leisure Mall to celebrate Gaaya's farewell,

Me: Babe ya know what, we are lucky to be BFFs who never argue. Not even once.

Suk: Got. We argued.

Me: When? Why don't I remember? 

Suk: We don't argue. We talk in a sarcastic manner. 

I am glad to have her as a BFF and thank God John was back to Cranberra so that he won't be here to steal her away from me. :p 

Knee Length Dress from Kitschen
Wedges from Shoezobsession

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