Sunday, February 9, 2014

Welcome Back, Reality

Let it go, let it go,
Can't hold it back anymore,
Let it go, let it go,
Turn away and slam the door.

We (or maybe it's just me) are always too busy looking for things that are miles away and neglected those that are right in front of us. True nay? In my mind, I would often think that nahhh... I have ample of time but when the time comes, I panicked. I jumped up and down like a maniac searching for the right direction.

This time round, I consciously counted the days, hours and sometimes even minutes to ensure that I have created enough memory that will last in my forgetful brain for at least some time. When I looked out of the car window last night, the sky was turning from bright blue to gloomy blue. It means that reality is gonna hit right again. 

Tomorrow onwards will be the time for me to leave the wonderland and gets back to reality that I am trying very hard to avoid. The best distractions that I can find are work, classes and more work. Welcome back, reality. We meet again. 

The emotions that can break your heart is sometimes the very one that heals it.
Nicholas Sparks

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