Saturday, March 22, 2014


Look at my pile of ACCA notes. I wonder how am I gonna finish it in a month before sitting for the exam. 

It has been quite some time since I sat alone in a cafe and did abit of thinking. Yeah, if you know me well, my brain requires constant clearance to get rid of junks or else it will go haywire. Sometimes, I wonder if The Law of Attraction works. I know I am suppose to believe it because if I believe what I believe, I will attract good thoughts like a magnet and everything will go according to my way. 

Internship ending next week but despite all the complaints and whines, this I guess I will miss the place. 
de thumbprint machine
de pantry with only one water dispenser
de self-claimed Audit Department
de comfy store room (it might sound funny but the store room is one of my fav place!)
de water dripping aircond
de office server that hangs all the time
de super big hole in the floorboard (it was my fault)

I will definitely miss everything in there. The people, the place, the fun. 

So the Universe, can you please work according to my way now? :)

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