Thursday, April 3, 2014

All The Way to South: Malacca

Goooddbbyyeeee Northpoint. It has been a great 6 months and now for the next 2 months, I shall eat, sleep and shop like a wild monkey that has just released into the forest. Oh crap, I just remembered that my next major professional paper is less than 2 months. =__________= nvm that. It isn't wrong to have a little bit of fun before the stress part comes in right. 

Yesterday, Dad went to Malacca to work and I tagged along as well. Malacca and Penang are two of my favourite getaways and ya know what, I am going to both places within a month!

Christ Church Malacca. I have made my wish. Have you? :)


Tank top from Langkawi
Studded leather vest from Forever21
Zara-inspired skort from Chic Valley
Bag from DKNY
Shades from Dazzling Couture

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