Sunday, May 18, 2014

State of Denial

I am a firm believer in everything, well... I guess almost everything. I believed that things happened for a reason and behind that reason, there is an force or attraction or any scientific term that you would want to name it. 

My iPod is gone for good and no matter how much I miss it, it would never crawl its way back to me and it feels like a part of me is missing. Damn those car buglars (I will never park in Pavilion ever again). I need my music all the time: when I take the train, drive, shop, study... basically I need it almost 24/7. I guess I would have to get a new iPod eventually. 

As for now, I guess I would have to stop living in the state of denial.

“What was it like to love him? Asked Gratitude.
It was like being exhumed, I answered, and brought to life in a flash of brilliance.
What was it like to be loved in return? Asked Joy.
It was like being seen after a perpetual darkness, I replied. To be heard after a lifetime of silence.
What was it like to lose him? Asked Sorrow. There was a long pause before I responded:
It was like hearing every goodbye ever said to me—said all at once.” 
- Lang Leav

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