Friday, June 6, 2014

Moonlight of Life

The first thing I heard when I stepped into the class was:"Trin, the PJ campus has released the ACCA timetable for December." I stunned and looked at her. God, all of us have prepared for the worst, have we? Somehow, I think that the working adults are beyond amazing when they managed to work and study at the same time, not to mention passing all their professional papers. As for me, well.... let's just skip that part.

Last night, I searched my hard disk for a nice movie to end the night and I found this: Westlife The Farewell Concert. I must have downloaded this a long time ago as I don't remember watching it before this. And this is it. I sat in front of the lappie and watch the entire concert and thinking of how the music industry will be with four of them together, once again. During my time, there are great choices of boybands ranging from Backstreet Boys to Blue but still, nothing beats Westlife. 

Nicky, the one who loves Ireland more than anything. Shane, the lead singer who brings all of them together all the time. Mark and his powerful voice. Kian, the one who flashes his guitar skills on every concert. 

And of course, nothing beats the typical hits like Queen of My Heart and Flying Without Wings. Music, the strongest form of magic in the universe.

Till then. x.

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