Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Because I Say So

Since young, we are exposed to too much of negativity and as we grow, we hardly pick up the good elements and the word that we often use is 'NO'. 

picture credits to ChicagoNow

Have you ever have this kind of feeling? Sometimes when you had a long day at school and when you are home, all you wanted to do is to lie on the couch, hold the joystick that fits perfectly and start shooting bots? 

From time to time, we try to defend ourselves and asking for reasons but most of the time, the answer we got is,"Because I say so." That phrase is like some kind of magic powder because once the other person says this, we stopped trying.  We forget the fact that we have to continue and defend till we get YES for answer. 

If you do this, I will do that. This is how things work isn't it. People around me whined that the humanity switch is switched off.  In TVD, vampires will feed on any other humans if they switched off their humanity switches. As for us, we were filled with all sorts of negativity and we can never think straight. We did all sorts of unforgiving acts and never gave a second thought about 'em. 

picture from tumblr

And we are the disease.

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