Sunday, October 19, 2014

Feeka Coffee Roasters @ Jalam Mesui // Komugi @ Pavilion

I read a couple of good reviews on Feeka some time ago claiming that the shop has great coffee. As according to Eat Drink KL, the name Feeka was inspired by the word fika in Swedish. It means having a break with your favourite people. So, I went with Nat hoping to try out their famous coffee but it was a let down because Feeka wasn't serving any coffee on that day as part of the shop was having removation.

The menu is pretty simple but it covers a variety of breakfasts.

The scramble platter. The scramble eggs are served with a sideof toast and lamb sausages. The highlight of this are the lamb sausages. :)

Like I said earlier, Feeka did not serve coffee that day and so, we went over to Komugi to get our cravings fixed. Cuppa cappuccino with my name on it.

And Nat's.

The pretty babe.

Candid shot by Nat when I was talking on the phone.

*walks out of Komugi**

Me: Nat, you know Parkson right... (tails off)
Nat: Hmm?

*turned my head and saw the waitress running towards us with a bill in her hands**

Me: NAT! We haven't pay!
Nat: OMG so embarrassing. Luckily their payment counter is outside.
Me: No wonder the people inside are looking at us.

So for the first time in our lives, we walked out a cafe without settling our bills. Embarrassment level shot straight up to infinity. 

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