Friday, November 21, 2014

Destiny, not?

Some things we don't talk about
Rather do without and just hold the smile
Falling in and out of love
Ashamed and proud of, together all the while

Like Ted (from HIMYM) said,"Nothing good happens after 2am." Oh well, let's just fast forward one hour since there won't be any difference. The moon is still up, the sky is still dark, everyone is fast asleep except for me. Here I am, sitting in front of my lappie, listening to Kiss The Rain again, staring at the lighted candle. 

This year, I have seen people who got together and broke up more than any time in the past 22 years. When things were great, people claimed that destiny brought them together but when things turned ugly, destiny is long forgotten. We casually misuse the word 'ironic' so frequent that the word has lost its real meaning. The word fits perfectly in basically everything, no? At first, it was destiny and now disappointment? I guess it is a mixture of everything. 

Sometimes I ponder if the world would be a better place without all these negative vibes. In the world of fiction, everyone has a happy ending and if it is not happy, it is not the end but in real, there are no guarantees. A harsh fact of life to learn but a real one. 

Why can't people just be nice to each other? I don't get it. 

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