Friday, November 14, 2014

Swindon-Bath, UK

It has been one and a half month since I came back from UK-Sweden. God, I missed those places especially the streets in Bath and London. The breakfasts, the weather, the boutiques, etc. We travelled to UK by Thai Airways. The return economy flight ticket was about RM2,800, pretty affordable I would say. 

Transited at Bangkok and tried to understand Thai language but failed miserably. And 17 hours later... We finally reached London. 


We rented a car from Hertz and drove to Swindon that was about 2.5 hours away from London. The place is kinda quiet regardless if it's day or night. During my first night there, I was surprised to see the streets deserted at about 7.30pm. 

Our stay here at Lydiard House for 2D1N.

The door to the other side of the world Lydiard House. It kinda creeped me out actually. 

Basically you can see trees and plants everywhere. And since it was almost the end of autumn, the plants had started to wither.


Bath is my favourite place among all. Everything here seemed so perfect. The people, the streets, the weather, Imagine how perfect your day is gonna be when you have someone to prepare you with a full English breakfast every single morning? To me, it felt like heaven. *oooohhhmmmmmm* 

The famous Abbey Church. The church is so beautiful that I can stand there and admire it all day long.

Daddy Trin. :)

/w Mark.

It is not possible to visit the candy store without posing with the giant lolly.

 Oh, and the good thing about Bath is that basically everything is on sale! Walked in H&M. Sale. Marks & Spencer. Sale. Primark. Sale. Tesco Express. Cheap, buy! Bath is definitely a shopping paradise. :)

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