Thursday, January 8, 2015

The Final Wrap Up for 2014

Did I mention that I like Lang Leav's work? Her poems seem to make perfect sense. Every single piece of it. Time flew like nobody's business and errrr... I think I should probably wrap up 2014 before starting a new one for 2015. 

2014 is by far my least favourite year mainly because I flunked my finance papers//car got burgled at Pavilion//iPod got stolen//car broke down in the middle of the night out of nowhere//not being able to attend Grandpa's final journey (damn finals!)//Eiffel 'n Amitie didn't work out as expected. It was a pretty bad year. 

Like Nat said, all of it will end. But hey, since I managed to survive 2014, 2015 can't be worse than this right?

Like time suspended,
A wound unmended - 
You and I.

We had no ending,
No said goodbye.

For all my life.
I'll wonder why.

Lang Leav

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