I am Trin, a 22-year-old accounting student. I was born in Malaysia and have been living in the same country ever since. I have the habit of keeping track of everything and that explains this blog. 

I have been blogging for more than a year now. I came from a typical Malaysian family. I am the youngest of the family. My parents are great, my brother is a geek, and I am the noob. I have funny thinking and I crap very often about lame stuff and I generate jakun ideas. I have a super duper sweet tooth and dessert after main course is an extra bonus for me. Sometimes, I might even skip main course so that I can have my dessert rightaway. 

Chocolate and milkshake are man's greatest creations. I like all types of chocolates ranging from dark to white to liqour as long as there are no nuts in it. Dairy chocolates are the best. I was crazy enough to Google-d the creator of milkshake the other day. Some people say vanilla is a boring flavour but to me, plain old vanilla milkshake is the best. 

People used to say that patience is virtue but sorrryyyy, I am not a very patient person. If you want me to wait for 5-10 minutes then it is still bearable. But we live in Malaysia and so, as according to the Malaysian standards, the minimum waiting time is 30 minutes. 

I have been supporting LeeHom's music since I was 11. He is a very talented singer and his songs are amazing. I ain't a hardcore fan that fly to every country just to watch his concerts but I collect most of his albums, spam his songs in my car anddddd... I am an official member of Homaniac! 

I can't live without gadgets. I need my iPod for music, laptop for work and studies, phone for connecting people, PS4 for gaming and TV for dramas.  I play the guitar and the ironic part is that even though I love LeeHom, I play Jay Chou songs istead. 

I have weird taste buds. Most people doesn't fancy chocolate mint ice cream but that is my favourite! This is why my friends always ask me if I love eating toothpaste. I can't settle on a favourite colour but right now, my favourites are black and red. 

Thank you for dropping by my blog and spending time on reading me. 


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